Overcoming The Yummy-Mummy Syndrome

You’re a new mum – congratulations!

From what I’ve heard, been told and seen, having a baby is a life changing experience with lots of multi-tasking responsibilities. But with the long nights and days, never-ending feedings, very little sleep and nappy changes in between – there are also many priceless moments and milestones along the way.

With our celebrity obsessed society, there too comes a downside. The term yummy-mummy has entered the scene and whoever coined this terminology has put a lot of pressure on women to be just that!

I couldn’t think of anything worse than feeling the pressure to lose weight after having a baby and look like you have it all together. Unless you were genetically blessed like Gisele Bundchen or Heidi Klum who graced the catwalk weeks after giving birth, then ‘bouncing back’ to your previous weight might be a big task for your body. Not only that, celebrities also have a helping hand to do their everyday chores and somehow miraculously restore their body and image after giving birth, allowing them to look polished when they step out again.

Can you imagine the sheer delight of millions of women who would have breathed a sigh of relief when Jessica Alba recently announced that her “… breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger… every actress out there is more beautiful than me.” Oh, I think I just heard everyone moan and roll their eyes.

I have not been in the position of the latter – but feel as though I already have, from listening to friends’ and colleagues’ conversations on the rude awakening of life after the baby is born. Some have a personal trainer on speed dial, others have made counting calories seem like religion. Kudos to those mums who allow mother-nature to take its course and allow their bodies to go back to what it was, or accept their new shape.

But one might also argue that the last thing on a new mum’s agenda is to be body conscious when they should be spending their waking hours with the baby. The great news is that you are allowed to take some time out to re-group, even if a couple of hours of ‘Me’ time is resonated with some form of guilt.

Here are some grooming and transitional wardrobe tips collected, thanks to some of the great mums I have spoken to. With these, you will definitely have time to treat yourself to a coffee, cake and a magazine! Remember, every body is beautiful.

1. Keep your make up routine simple: a tinted moisturiser can be applied on the go, and unlike foundation, does not need to be applied perfectly. This will give you the colour and glow you need when in a rush.

2. Tinted lip gloss: you don’t need a mirror to put this on. Alternatively apply a red lipstick for instant confidence.

3. Keep your nails short and keep your polish neutral – you’ll look groomed all the time.

4. Printed tops will hide any stains, and choose materials that do not require ironing. Go for a tunic style to create a longer silhouette. Add a pair of leggings and flat shoes for a comfortable yet smart day-time look.

5. Shape wear underwear: for instant confidence and for a seamless finish under your clothes.

6. Having a bad hair day? Why not put your hair up and add some sparkling accessories from clips to hair bands.

7. Go for comfortable clothes and don’t try and fit into your old clothes – you’ll only feel worse. These will give you that added bulge you want to camouflage.

8. Comfy shoes – Unless you are a celebrity mum and want to makes sure you look great for the paparazzi, pushing a pram in heels may be a bit awkward (unless you are of course Sarah Jessica Parker).

9. Dry shampoo is a life saver and great for in-between washes.

10. Dark sunnies for those long nights you stayed awake to hide your under eye bags.

11. Tint your lashes so you’ll never have to worry about re-applying mascara. You’ll be ready to go anytime.

12. Keep cuts simple. Find a great cut blazer you can wear with jeans so you look polished straight away.

13. Splurge on something nice; you don’t only need to buy baby-related stuff. Invest in a gorgeous bag big enough for bub and mum’s stuff – nappies and all!

14. Last but not the least, go out with the girls!

And more good news, the better you feel, the better time you’ll have with your loved ones, who will love you for it. Now this is what I call a Happy Mummy!

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